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Free Consultation 

Let's connect to find a time to meet each other and have a "compatability check." This is usually about an hour long, and is a no-obligation chance to chat about how we click, or don't. If it doesn't feel like a great fit, I can suggest other fabulous doulas that might.

Phone & Email Support 

If you hire me as your doula, I will be available via phone, text or email throughout your pregnancy. I will be available and on call to you 24/7 between weeks 38-42 of your pregnancy. 

2 Prenatal Visits 

After the initial visit, we will connect for one or two more prenatal visits. During these visits we will discuss your hopes and expectations for birth and work together to create a birth plan. We will discuss fears, coping strategies, preferences during birth and discuss a variety of birthing positions.  


Madison, WI birth doula Infinite Hope
As a Doula, I  Do Not:

During labor 

Once labor begins, you will have my continous physical, emotional and informative support. I will join you when the time feels right for both of us, and I will remain with you throughout labor and during those first few delicate hours postpartum. I will be there to encourage you, support you, help create a safe and peaceful birthing environment for you, and to answer any questions along the way. 

Early bonding and breastfeeding 

After your precious baby has made his or her arrival, I will support you during those first few hours of breastfeeding, bonding and getting settled into your new roles. 

Postpartum follow-up visit 

Once your family has gone home from the hospital, I will visit you in your home on one or two occasions, when it is convenient for you. This is a chance to talk about breastfeeding or newborn concerns, discuss your birth experience, or establish other areas needing support. I am available for additional postpartum services, if desired.

Perform any clinical tasks

As your doula, I will support you physically and emotionally, but I don't take the place of your doctor, nurse, or midwife. I cannot take your blood pressure, assess your vitals, or make any medical diagnosis. 

Make decisions for you 

The sweet baby you are about to welcome into the world is your baby, and only you know how you are thinking and feeling. I will educate you on available options and then will support you in the decisions you make. 

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Regardless of what decisions you make for your birth experience, be it a medication-free birth or a scheduled Cesarean birth, a hospital birth or the desire to labor at home, I'm here to ensure you have options, feel supported, and are respected. I had wonderful support when I had my babies, and I'll do all that I can to make sure you have the same. 

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